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We are Harshasoft with innorative and creative ideas where we can transform them into reality according to the our consumers mind set expected level.We are expert in graphic design / web design / software developing / domain registration with multiple required skills and adequate resources.

We are assuring you that we are capable of creating a end product where we can reach the peak of your satisfy level.




Our vision

To provide the best web base developing with a time effective software solution to our customers with a highly satisfactory level.



Our mission

By satisfying conssumers E-Needs via providing time and cost effective web base & graphic design products with professionally qualified skills and developments.

Our services

We are Expert in Web Design / Graphic Design / Software Developing / Domain Registration with multiple required skills and adequate resources.


Multimedia design

We create your E-environment very atructive, interative, to grab the attruction of your clients when we are using new creative minds to satify your related designs.

Web Design

Using Boostap & Wordpress and any Technologys. We are equip to create interactive multifunctional Web Site where HTML , JAVA , CSS are Our Main Language.

Domain Registration

You Customize Your time frame for Domain Form us.(eg:From 01 Year Upwards). We assure Your Secure in Domain Registration now. Quickly register

Software Developing

Using any preferred Web base Language. We capable of Software Design or Developing SEO / HANDALING We Create You Software using Our Soft ways.


Library Management Software

Library can be updated base on the modern world’s Technology.

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Many schools & other public libraries use the traditional manual system. This is very complicated method and every signal data has to be written and so many books have to be maintained. So a large space and so many racks needed to store the books. They have to be used by a specially trained person with care and time wastage and the labour usage is very high.

Why choose Harshasoft Online Library Management Software

Library can be updated base on the modern world’s Technology. User friendly

High Security and Safety of Data. High accuracy , high efficiency and working properly

Time Management. Minimum paper work. Minimum paper work. Save Space

Details can be obtained by any category. Fast retrieve of data. Quickly service

Details can be Printable. Error Message indicator at the expire of return date

Auto creation of member ID. Additional Knowledge can be gained for the user. Good Durability


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Lite plan-01

  • LKR 2300
  • From 1GB Storage
  • From 20 GB Data Transfer
  • You can host 1 domains
  • Sub Domains:10
  • POP3 Email Accounts:5

Businesss plan

  • LKR 3000
  • from 1 GB Storage
  • from 30 GB Data Transfer
  • You can host 2 domains
  • cPanel 11

Special Promotion

  • LKR 3500
  • 500MB + Domain name[.com]
  • from 20 GB Data Transfer
  • You can host 1 domains
  • cPanel 11


  • LKR 2500
  • Maximum 1 year
  • Only for domain
  • International domain
  • High security
  • Renew

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